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About Us

About Us

Flying Pig Software was established in 1996. It was named after a noble and heroic bed time story character that was the focus of many stories told by David Hearne to his son at about the time that he was establishing the company. It was picked because of its’ uniqueness and the hope it could be remembered by visitors to our company’s website. We bring to our readers’ information that spans 4 related fields - programming concepts and tools for visual basic and MS Access, website creation and Site Management, information for being a successful independent consultant, and our estore offering everything a techie would ever want from computers to software. The site is broken down into the four distinct departments each with its’ unique focus. We have a department that focuses on support for Visual Basic and MS Access and a department that provides support for Web Site creation and management. and consulting and our online computer store. Flying Pig Software has become a venue for expressing the views and beliefs of our founders, our visitors, and those of guest individuals we want you to known. We hope you will find Flying Pig Software comprehensive, informative, objective and a meaningful and worthwhile site to visit.

Our goal and mission for Flying Pig Software

Flying Pig Software’s goal is to provide a source where advice, products and pertinent knowledge relating to programming, consulting and building and maintenance of websites can be found. This includes things such as programming tips, books, and productivity tools and add-on components for Microsoft Access, Visual Basic and Web Site Professionals. We also offer professional consulting services and assistance for those with problems with VB, Access or the creation and maintenance of web sites.We hope that we can contribute a worthwhile and positive experience to each visitor to our site.

Your Input:

We want your opinions. We value your comments, suggestions, and questions. Your ideas help in the constant process of improving and expanding our site. We respond as quickly as we can to your queries. Any pertinent editorial content that you wish to contribute about subjects discussed on our site would be greatly appreciated and credit and lots of praise given. Email @: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accolades and Credits:

Fortunately other talented professionals and companies have contributed greatly to the success of out internet property. We must give credit and praise to all those who helped us so much in creating the site.
Patrick McGee Created our company logo and was our 1st place winner in our logo contest. Patrick received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Design from the University of Oklahoma

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