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News effects us as consultants and programmers. Current events gives us the information we need to be able to alter our software or thinking to respond to changing laws, markets or business models. News gives us the material that allows us to constantly create new innovative programs and technical answers to real life happenings. Many news reports of mass destruction provide us with information that means our knowledge is needed elsewhere quickly. To be effective programmers and consultants we have to be world aware and know how to make our services and products respond or reflect these constant changes.

Sources for world news and events

A NewsPaper that gives you a view of the world
To succeed in the technology world you must be aware of the world and learn to implement solutions for problems that others are experiencing. Every day news is vitally important to maintain your sharpness in what ever technology field you are following. Programmers must learn to make programs consider and follow new real laws, for example tax laws, accounting and more. Game writers must make their games reflects real world rule changes.
Join organizations that let you see how your contemporaries see the world
Tech Republic serves the needs of the professionals representing all segments of the IT industry by providing information and tools for IT decision support and professional advice by job function. This is a free membership to a very helpful organization. They discuss and make today's events a part of the world we work in. Learn how other programmers and technology professionals use everyday information.
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