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Programmers & Consultants

Programmers & Consultants

Welcome to the Consultant's Corner. We hope that we can provide you with some help and insight into the dynamics of consultancy work. Being a computer consultant is a very profitable but difficult business to succeed in. Being a specialist is the most effective way to succeed in this business. Don't try to be a jack of all trades. If you are a great programmer, don't try also to be the best hardware man. Find your niche and become the best you can in that area. Check out some of our books we offer and try some of the ideas they outline. The computer consulting sector is one of the fastest growing and best paid employment opportunities in our economy today.

Certification that works

Getting certified attest to you your skill level - it does not really teach you anything. The knowledge you should already have. Your first certifications your seek should be broad in scope like the Certified Computing Professional designation. If you limit yourself to the vendor specific certification, you are only stating your knowledge of their product and not that you have a broad professional overview of what ever discipline you are following. As you progress in your quest for more certifications, it will not hurt you to add vendor specific certifications (like CNE, MSCE) to your resume but first do those that attest to the professional you are.

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