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FTP Page of Utilities/Codes

FTP Page of Utilities/Codes

Most successful programmers learn to use code written and tested by others to hasten their task of creating useful programs. We have listed a number of excellent sources where you can find code to solve those nightmare programming task. This is not a business where we find fault in one programmer using code written and tested by another programmer. This is the age of putting many programmable components together to make a seamless application.

Great Downloads from VBExplorer
A place for the novice VB programmer to learn Visual Basic, featuring links, a large tutorial section, source code, downloads, message boards, book and product reviews, tips and tricks and much more.

Source of great Visual Basic Add-Ons
eXontrol Inc. is a leading software company That offers a large array of visual basic components. Objects such as a combo box, calendar control, Editor, and much more. These objects are royalty free and very inexpensive to license. Free download.
A great site on ADO and Visual Basic
FAQ, Resources, Experiments -Deals mainly with ADO, programming errors, and some tips on dealing with Access and ASP. Numerous programming problems are detailed.

Code for making an email server.
Sendmail 2.1 is an ActiveX Control that provides an easy COM interface to email-enable your applications. Sendmail comes complete with an HTML help file that describes all of its features.

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