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Programming Magazines


Magazines are one of the best ways to stay current with the programming language of your choice. Magazines such as Dr. Dobbs focus on important changes in software programming techniques and is not that language specific. Other magazines are available that focus directly on the most popular computer languages and programmable databases. Reading magazines like these give you a crystal ball into the future of what is happening in the programming world.

Sys Admin
Sys Admin Magazine delivers information for systems and network administrators whose duties include administration of UNIX systems. Each issue provides information necessary to handle the challenges of systems administration efficiently and effectively. Coverage includes: integrating heterogeneous systems-UNIX, NT, W4W, NetWare; security; backup; crash recovery; system analysis and monitoring; and system automation. Subscribers also receive the annual Buyer's Guide that lists resources for the software and hardware needed to make their systems hum. Sys Admin focuses on system-level processes, rather than the latest database or spreadsheet. Whether administration is your full-time job, or it is just one of the many hats you find yourself wearing, Sys Admin can help!

Computer Shopper -- 12 issues
Here's the nation's largest and most reliable guide to the best, dollar-wise computer deals. Every issue features over 100 mail-order deals for hardware, software, printers, peripherals and accessories--plus a quick-reference product index, and a hardware shopper's guide with comparison charts. Only $1.25 per issue. That is 75% off.
Computer Power User -- 12 issues
CPU is a new, innovative publication written especially for computer power users, from IT professionals to at-home technology extremists. CPU delivers a functional mix of high-tech news, hard-edged reviews and performance-enhancing tips for people who love digital technologies. Only $2.42 per issue. That is 59% off.

PC Magazine -- 25 issues
PC Magazine is the #1 information resource for computing professionals. Every issue provides comprehensive product evaluations (including side-by-side comparisons) based on benchmark tests from PC Magazine Labs- the industry's foremost product testing authority. Only $1.00 per issue. That is 83% off.
e-Business Advisor
e-Business Advisor Magazine recognizes that e-business and electronic commerce are essential to business success in the 21st century. Written for business, marketing and technical managers, each issue reveals and explains the breakthrough strategies, technologies and competitive practices necessary to successfully implement e-business solutions. Save 34%! 12 Issues per year

Smart Computing -- 12 issues
Smart Computing helps users of all skill levels stay up-to-date and improve their PC productivity. It provides easy-to-follow tutorials that cover hardware, software, Internet, troubleshooting, product reviews and much more, all in a Plain-English writing style you won't find anywhere else. Only $2.42 per issue. That is 51% off.
Dr. Dobb's Journal Magazine
Dr Dobbs' Journal is written by and for professional software developers, and has a long and distinguished history that pre-dates the PC. For over 20 years DDJ has published articles about every language, platform, and tool, and is used to help revise proposed standards, explore new technologies, and share the tricks of the trade with more pages of sample code than any other publication. Special sections include Embedded Systems, Internet Programming and Programmer's Tool chest.

Access-VB-SQL Advisor
Access-VB-SQL Advisor Magazine is the only independent technical magazine devoted to Microsoft Database and Web development with Access, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Office, Visual Interdev, and VBA. Written by leading experts for serious developers, each issue provides the designs, tools, techniques, code listings and management practices necessary to implement the best custom enterprise solutions. Save 35%! 12 Issues per year
WIRED is written for people like you: the most connected people on the planet who want a jump on the future. Every issue runs ahead of the pack, delivering unique and timely insight into the people, companies and ideas that are transforming the way we live.

Game Developer -- 12 issues
The only magazine dedicated to professional gaming software developers. Only $2.91 per issue. That is 51% off.
Microsoft Systems Journal Magazine
covers programming for the microsoft windows family of operating systems -- contains expert programming tips, powerful utilities, exclusive Q & A's on OLE and C/C++ and information on microsoft's latest products.

Windows: Developer Magazine -- 12 issues
Dedicates every issue to solving serious Windows programming problems. We publish detailed, reusable code, correct errors in the Window API, document bugs in the popular C/C++ compilers, and provide a forum where readers can offer their own hard-won technical lessons. Only $1.67 per issue. That is 66% off.
Maximum PC -- 12 issues
Maximum PC is the ultimate upgrade for savvy PC owners. Every issue is packed with breaking news, tons of tips & techniques, and the most in-depth reviews anywhere. Only $1.00 per issue. That is 80% off.

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