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Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical support is a major need for programmers. The quality and complexity of support required for a programmer is much highter than that for a general computer user. Few services can provide that kind of help. At one time you could expect great help form programmers at Microsoft, but that is no longer true. Much of the support given by services offered by them is from people who have virtually no programming experience and will answer your questions by looking up possible solutions in a database. I have used their service and absolute wrong answers were given to me on most questions. So you are left with talking to other programmers, using the internet to see if others have had the same problems to see how they resolved the problem. We will provide on this page various sollutions that we have found, with the hopes that they may help you. We also offer (for money) answers to many problems that you might encounter. Gook Luck!

Resources providing great support for visual basic and MS Access

Microsoft Developer's Network
A great source to get sample code, articles, specs, product details and other information relative to VB. The information here is current and important about todays programming technologies. This is a good place to visit often to read about changes and to widen your horizon with using Visual Basic as a development tool

Information Technology Toolbox
ITtoolbox maintains knowledge bases for each major segment of the IT industry. Each knowledge base contains information sourced from the user community, licensed from leading content providers, and linked to on the World Wide Web. Each knowledge base is also integrated with ITtoolbox’s OpenITx discussion service, which hosts approximately 800 email-based communities where professionals ask and answer questions.
DevX provides the international IT community with the most comprehensive information available on software development for corporate applications. Our network consists of sites that are leaders in their respective vertical markets, such as Windows and Web development, Java, XML, C/C++, Visual Basic, and SQL.

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