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Making Money on The Web

Making Money on The Web

Here are some companies that we feel, at this point, are reputable and great programs to work with. Most of them, we have already used on sites that we maintain and are ecstatic with their service and products. If you have a web site, get involved with affiliate programs. Affiliate programs can make your website really pay off and bring you more traffic and more dollars for your wallet. All of the programs we have listed here are free to sign up with. They cost you nothing to get involved with. In fact, we have never found any company charging an entry fee providing anything better than free-to-join affiliate sites. Actually, any program, that charge us a fee turned out to be virtually worthless. So check out Commission Junction's programs and find the ones that match the theme of your site. They have some super ones. Good Luck!

Commission Junction provides many superb companies to work with and insures that you get paid by them when you have earned the money. Great online tracking. THE BEST! More than 40 programs to pick from and all are major players in the affiliate business. Commission Junction can not be beat when it comes to a responsive company that helps the affiliate make money. Sign up with them it is FREE and then look over their programs.

On our various sites we have used many of their programs and have been very happy. They have the best tracking. Real time, where every transaction is logged and can be viewed by you the affiliate at any time.

Commission Junction lumps all your commissions together so it is easy to make your $25.00 "minimum" required to send you a check.

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